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House Beers

The Grey Lodge Pub long ago pioneered the ever-rotating draft list. And their list still turns over like a carnaval tilt-a-wheel. So we wanted to something different at SawTown. We decided to work with local breweries to brew house beers that we want to drink a lot of. We hope you will too. Eventually our draft line-up will consist of five year round house beers and one changing seasonal.

We have been very involved with developing the recipes for these beers and have participated in the first brews for all of them.

Sly Fox SawTown Kelemen Pils

Sly Fox Pikeland Pils is one of our all-time favorite beers. It's also a lot of other people's favorite too. But could it be even better? For consistency and package quality control, Pikeland is filtered before kegging or canning. We asked Sly Fox to make us a less filtered version. In Germany, this known as a keller (or celler) beer. Keller Pils morphed into Kelemen Pils in honor of some of our favorite people, the Kelemens.

Beer Specs:
OG: 11.7
IBU’s: 11
ABV: 4.9%

Naked SawTown Pink Bunny IPA

Every craft beer bar has to have an IPA on tap. We worked with the great, fun people at Naked Brewing to create our Pink Bunny IPA.

Pink Bunny - She's small, she's pink, and she's hoppy.

She's Small - Weighing in at 4.9% alcohol by volume, she's on the small side. She might be small, but she is full of sassy flavor.

She's Pink - We knew we wanted to use real grapefruit in this beer. Grapefruit and IPA is a great combo. Naked's Jess Streeter had the great suggestion of adding dried hibiscus flowers to add another interesting flavor note and give the beer its natural pink color.

She's Hoppy - She's a juicy IPA with lots of big citrus hops.

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